The concept of work from home has become increasingly demanding to the people from various part of the world. People are opting for multiple jobs which we can do from home rather than going to the office.

Work from home is effortless if you have a computer or a laptop with a reliable internet connection. Though many people out of the idea that the job opportunities which you get under the category of work from home are scams and not as profitable as one seems.

But if you research well you will see that there is much authentic work from home jobs which you can do sitting at your home at a time which is convenient for you.

Here is a list of 10 highly demanded work from home jobs which will offer you great income as well as job satisfaction without having to travel anyplace else.

1) Virtual Assistant:

Most of today’s businesses are operating through online portals, and thus it is no question that a lot of companies hire these assistants who can help them to organise administrative tasks.

As stated by the public body “International Virtual Assistant Association”, these virtual assistants are free contractors who support lots of clients in different types of industries proving them with administrative, technical and creative services.

2) Translator:

The statistics of Bureau of Labour Statistics tells that most translators do their work from home with tight deadlines.

The most important requirement for becoming a translator is fluency in at least two languages apart from having a Bachelor’s degree.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics around 20% of translators were self-employed in 2013.

3) Medical Transcriptionist:

Medical transcriptionists, usually work in various hospitals or the office of a physician. It is also possible for them to work from home.

As their work involves the transcription of dictation of medical records, a desk, computer, and an earpiece are all that you need. You must complete a postsecondary degree on a program of the medical transcriptionist.

As stated by the Labour Statistics Bureau, medical transcriptionist earned an average wage of about thirty-five thousand dollars in the year 2013.

4) Web developer:

There are a lot of free learning chances online, from where you can take the advantage to build your website which is relatively straightforward.

Many people make their income by building blogs or websites for others since most of the population doesn’t know how to create a site, or they don’t have the time to invest.

As much as in 2012 twenty-five per cent of these category workers were self-employed where a vast number of people were comfortable enough to work from home. You need a laptop with a high-speed internet connection and nothing else.

5) Travel Agent:

Although the need of travel agent is decreasing day by day, the opportunity is still present for people working as agents in the travel industry who can use the online media to bring in clients to help them to arrange their trips.

If you have expert knowledge in specific regions, you are bound to get clients.

6) Freelance Writer:

Writers are needed in the present times to write unique and fresh articles, create new content or suggest creative ideas to make every page of all websites information and innovative on the internet.

Many big sites have their writers. Still, a vast number of growing sites take the help of outsourcing to write their content and hire some independent writers and content composer.

Writing practice is beneficial, and you need to be ambitious and also should have the capability to find unique events that are happening every day.

7) Social Media Executive:

Every big company is on social media so that they can attain their customers immediately without paying a lot of money for printing, television and radio ads. It is not possible for every company to have someone who can handle the social media profiles they have on a regular basis.

This is why some people have started promoting themselves as executives who deal with social media, helping the business to grow by expanding and reaching to the customers. Since this work is new, there is very little data available.

If you do have a command and a vast following on social media, you have the power to start by extending to different companies directly asking them the favour they need from you. Also by using a few simple ways you can save time in social media marketing.

8) Blogger:

Turning into a blogger is dissimilar to some other work-at-home occupation, in which case you need to show up and construct it yourself.

Surprisingly more terrible, by far most of the websites influence zero dollars for a considerable length of time as they to develop and end up settled. In that sense, blogging isn’t quite a bit of occupation by any means.

Be that as it may, there is a great deal of potential for writers who can assemble a group of people, develop their site, and figure out how to adapt it and begin winning a wage.

A portion of the ways bloggers profit incorporate member publicising, supported posts, product sales, and Google AdSense.

9) Call Centre Representative:

Numerous organisations require labourers who can respond to the telephone at painfully inconvenient times, help clients, and process requests or manages returns.

Be that as it may, since more organisations are working on the web, a number of these jobs are going call centre representatives who work at home.

Being a call representative from home, it requires a PC and some particular programming or hardware devices. An excellent telephone voice helps too with the involvement in client benefit, information section, retail deals, or administration.

Many locales list employment opportunities for call-focus agents. In any case, you may likewise discover postings offered by neighbourhood organisations in your nearby daily paper.

10) Data Entry:

An extensive variety of organisations require workers to enter different information into their frameworks, regardless of whether that information is utilised to track stock or shipments, make marketable strategies, or measure execution or yield.

What’s more, since a PC and writing aptitudes are the most critical prerequisites for this activity, numerous data entry workers can work at home, and on a timetable, that fits their lives.


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