All our lives we’ve been told that success is a ladder; you start from the bottom and climb your way to the top, the top being our benchmark for being able to say “Yes, I’m successful now”.

While success and its measure aren’t constant for two people, the motivation is more or less along the same lines. Imagine this: as a child, getting straight A’s on your report card was your idea of being successful, but as you grew older, that was nothing more than child’s play.

The focus of success shifted to many other things, including romantic endeavours, family ties and, of course, monetary growth. Being rich is the most quantifiable measure of success, and there’s no denying that.

If someone is rich, it’s a given that they’ve achieved success on some level. Some are born with it, while others have to work for it. However, there’s one misconception that a large section of society has; the myth of “As you get older, it becomes harder to get rich and successful.”

Before we go on to cite examples of people who have busted that myth in real-time, there’s a very important lesson we need to touch upon:

Growth is a very different curve for each one of us.

This simply means that one person doesn’t grow the exact way that another does, and while this does apply to physical growth as well, we’re talking about growth in life on a larger scale.

Whether it’s failures and successes or mistakes and lessons learned, the milestones of life are never constant for us. What someone might be able to achieve at the age of fifteen, someone else might achieve only by thirty.

And, with that understanding, there’s another important lesson one needs to keep in mind:

It’s okay for us to grow differently.

Many people start second-guessing and doubting themselves when they fail to reach a milestone that they’re “supposed to” , which in turn demotivates them from following their dreams.

It’s mostly societal norms that had instilled this idea in our minds right from when we were toddlers, and science strongly backs the idea that who we are isn’t just about what we learn as adults, but is actually a combination of lessons learned right from infancy.

If you believe that you cannot reach your goal of being successful and rich simply because you’ve crossed the age to do so, here are some important points you need to remember:

1) Self-belief is vital

Self-belief can either make or break you, and that’s the truth. The day you stop believing that you can do or achieve something, chances are you might just be right. It’s reflective of the motivation and positive energy you carry within you, and it also reflects onto your day-to-day activities.

Similarly, the reverse is true as well. If you can believe in yourself and also believe that you can make something happen (like becoming rich and successful), you’re giving yourself that much-needed kick-start in the right direction.

2) Know yourself

Some of us don’t make the ideal choices for ourselves career-wise, well, at least not on the first go. And while it can be disheartening to choose the wrong path, it also means that you’ve earned the opportunity to learn from your mistake and truly figure out where your talents lie.

As Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

So, instead of settling for the consequence of your failures, you can choose to use the skills and knowledge you have in hand to carve a new pathway to success.

3) Time is the best teacher



Time and tide don’t wait around, but they sure do teach you some of the most valuable lessons in life. If you think about it, the older you are, the wiser you are as well because you have time and experience on your side. So, this should technically make you much more capable of chasing your dreams and achieving monetary success without much difficulty. When you’re still a “rookie” in life, the chances of failure are also higher, because it’s all still an uncertain ball game. However, the ball game becomes more of a strategic plan as your hair turns grey and your mind gets wiser.

4) Your path is unique

Whoever you are, whatever your goal is, your path is uniquely yours. This means that you can choose to climb the ladder however you like, or even create your own ladder if the norm doesn’t suit you. The most interesting stories always start off with the uniqueness of each one’s journey, and that’s what you should be banking on.

So, on the path to getting richer and more successful, the best path for you is the one you make, whether it’s in your teen years, your middle age, or even later.

Want more proof that age isn’t a barrier to getting rich? Check out these famous success stories:

  • Henry Ford, the founder of Ford automobiles, was 45 years old when he began his road to success.
  • Taikichiro Mori, the richest realtor in 1992, first tasted wealth only when he crossed the age of 50.
  • Marvel’s famous creator Stan Lee faced rejection all his life when he finally grew closer to success at the age of 40.
  • Award-winning designer Vera Wang entered the fashion game only when she was 40, and her brand is now one of the biggest names in the industry.

And yes, many of these late bloomers came from humble beginnings, multiple failures and rejections, and low slumps in life where they had almost given up on themselves and their dreams. However, their will to keep going turned their luck around, and the rest is history.

The number one best way to achieve success, whatever your age, is to master your mind and learn to think in a certain way. Wallace Wattles laid out exactly how to do this in his groundbreaking book The Science of Getting Rich, and the ideas he laid out have helped millions of people of all ages to become wealthy. Check out the science of getting rich by Wallace Wattles; it’s a pretty good read!


Still wondering if your age is a barrier to being as successful as you’ve always wanted to be?

We hope we’ve managed to change your mind!


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