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Career planning is something that does not come once in a lifetime but is something that should be in a continuous and regular process. It is is an activity that gets a person thinking about his/ her future to achieve laurels in their goals that they have set.

Career planning is not only done when you are in the stage of hunting a job but is also done when you are already in a job for attaining better prospects. It should be deemed as a positive experience and should be reviewed time to time to be successful in life.

Here are ten tips for successful career planning:

1) Give priority to your career

Your career is something that is going to decide your future so never take it easy. Devote ample time to your career planning so that you come out with the best.

Take note of things that interest you, your hobbies, your talents which may also help you to have a better insight in deciding your career goals.

2) Research, research, and research

Research is the very first thing that every individual need to perform a successful career planning. The Internet has unlimited scope and can be a helpful tool in researching the interests and job profiles as desired by the candidate.

One should start this research process at an early stage so that they have an apt amount of time to explore their inner potentials.Even if one ends up in taking wrong decisions, then there are chances of switching on to a new path which interests you.

In this phase, all such sources such as lectures, employment agencies, job-related workshops, alumni contacts, etc. can come into use in your research phase.

3) Annual career planning

There are lot many things that you do in a regular fashion such as going to a dental or physical health check-up, buying car insurance, etc. and you hardly avoid any such activities right?

Then why not career planning? Career planning is something that can decide your future.

So take out time for yourself once in a year and rethink if there is a need for a career change or any other major decision that you need to take in that particular phase of life.

Self-assessment is the essence of career planning thus you need to assess yourself to find out what you need and where you stand.

4) Learning is a never-ending process

With this world-changing day by day, there are lot many opportunities in the world for a good job or a business. If you settle down for your skills and believe that this is all and you don’t need any further skills, then you are sure to end up with the same company in which you are working and with the same job.

It is like agreeing to the fact that your current job is good enough to get you a good living, but if you have a broader aspect and want to grow day by day then make sure you take learning as a continuous process and never quit on enhancing your skills.

4) Analyse your likes and dislikes

As said earlier change is the rule of nature and so are your likes and dislikes. it is quite possible that something you liked a few years ago may not even come in your favorite list, likes and dislikes can change over the years.

So take time and ponder over the things that you love doing and things which you are not inclined to. You can enlist all these things and then decide whether you are happy with your present status or if you want to bring a change to drive happiness and success in your career.

5) Accomplishments- a helping hand for a change

A person with accomplishments has more chances to be hired for his next job, more exposure and less struggle. So take some time and gather all your certificates and list down all the accomplishments that you have achieved over the past years.

This is surely going to help you in your career planning for creating a good resume that is eye catchy and interests the interviewer. Your accomplishment is a mirror about your talents and abilities and is going to work as a powerful tool when you are planning for a job change.

Even a novice with past accomplishments in their study life is a preferable choice by the interviewers because of their capability of standing out from the crowd.

6) Beyond your skills- Transferrable skills

Many times people are stuck with the same job because they don’t look beyond their skills. A reporter is confined to his/her reporting skills, a writer for writing skills and so on. People close their eyes once they get a good job and do not realize the world beyond it.

There are lot many skill combinations such as writing, designing, editing, journalism, etc. which you may possess from within or can learn to enhance your next job profile.

People refrain themselves from learning new skill sets and settle down with their current job titles but analyzing your transferable skills may bring few more opportunities in your career planning task.

7) Setting your own goals

Once you map your path to your career, do not stick to it. An effective career planning demands of questioning yourself is your current position all that you need in life or can you have better things? Success is not one night’s story we agree to it, but there is a difference between short-term and long-term goals.

Your goals need a bit of adjustment and alteration as soon as you achieve the short-term goals. You can attain more success than what you had thought of so never settle down on your goals as well. Keep moving them to a level higher than before so that you never get time to settle down for the previous one.

8) Welcome all types of training opportunities

Knowledge is power, we all know about this fact and its importance. This can help you in attaining success in the long run. Never miss a chance when you get the opportunity of getting trained. Training opportunities are going to carve you a new path with new set of knowledge skills. So keep learning and keep growing.

9) Reviewing your career and the current job trends

Everything has a rise and fall and so is your career. If you feel that your career is sinking and you are not worth it, then you know what you need to do next.

A person with skills and talents can always market themselves at any point of life and switch on to a new job profile. So keep reviewing your career and look out for new trends that can make you grow in your career map rather than stopping success from kissing your feet.

Look within and review where you are and where you want to be and never be afraid of a job switch if it fulfills your dreams. Always look ahead and be ready to accept a change which is going to transform your life in a better way.

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