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Last year in December, TripAdvisor announced the top ten European travel destinations for the year 2017. The ranking was based on positive feedback from the travel community and growing booking interest. Gran Canaria was not only “among” the destinations but was top of the list!

To find out the reason for this and why Gran Canaria is definitely worth a visit continue reading…

A climate with the guarantee for good weather

With 4,800 hours of sunshine per year, Gran Canaria has the highest value for Europe in this category. Basically, it does not matter what month of the year you visit this island. With almost certain probability, you spend your vacation weeks dry and sunny.

On average, meteorologists count three rainy days a month during the winter and zero in the summer. The temperatures stay at a feel-good level all year round. Approximately 29 degrees prevail here in the shade in the summer month, while you can still lounge in the sun at a pleasant 23, 24 degrees in the winter.

However, you should consider this regarding this information. These temperatures only apply to the south side of the island between San Agustin to Puerto de Mogan. Ocean currents, trade winds and the high mountain massif in the center of Gran Canaria determine these weather conditions.

As a result, the northern part of the island is always cooler and above all rainier especially throughout the winter month. When planning a vacation in the capital Las Palmas you should consider that.

Countless sights

The most famous sight of Gran Canaria are the dunes of Maspalomas without a doubt. A masterpiece of the Atlantic, that makes its visitors believe they are in a desert. These dunes that can reach up to 10-meter heights “wander” between three and five meters each year within a territory of six kilometers of the length of and up to two kilometers width. The dunes count to the highlights of this island that you should not miss.

Gran Canaria has 236 kilometers of coastline. With a total of 60 kilometers of the beach! All kinds of beaches can be found here: white and yellow sand beaches same as gray and black volcanic sand beaches or pebble and stone beaches. Some of them are extremely busy while others are deserted. There is certainly the right beach for you.

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On a rocky plateau at an altitude of about 1,750 meters, you will find the “Roque Nublo”, which means “cloudy rock” in English. It is a monolith that has a height of 65 meters and literally „soars” above the island. You must have experienced this spectacular sight of the landmark of Gran Canaria!

On Gran Canaria, you will also find numerous botanical gardens, the capital Las Palmas, cave villages, sleepy fishermen towns, tropical forests, waterfalls and much more … Listing and describing everything would probably fill a book.

Excursions for everyone

Active travelers will enjoy this island to the fullest. There are uncountable of things to do in Gran Canaria. If you feel like action, you should definitely not miss an on- and off-road tour in a buggy. Adventurers get their adrenalin kick on a canyoning or coasteering trip.

If you prefer it calmer and relaxed, spend half a day on board of a beautiful yacht and explore the coastal landscape from the seaside. Underwater lovers will already have heard about the unique diving spots in Gran Canaria.

And also beginners are in excellent hands for a trial scuba diving course or a snorkeling trip. You can also go horseback riding, jet skiing or participate in guided hiking tours. The nice thing for families is that the kids can take part on most of these trips.

Shopping paradise

In the holiday resorts of the island such as Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas or Puerto Rico you will find an uncountable number of shopping centers and supermarkets of the “tourist class”. The prices are usually higher than normal and the offered articles are limited to the basic tourist items everywhere.

If you really want to shop well, you should take a public bus or rent a car and visit the shopping malls in the east or northern part of the island. Recommendable is the “Atlantico” in Vecindario, the “El Mirador” in Telde or the “Las Arenas” in Las Palmas.

There are a few more big shopping centers in this region. Here you will find the cheaper fashion chains, sportswear shops as well as well-known large electronics stores. And of course, food and drink are also provided cheaper.

A classic “shopping mile” can be found in “Triana”, which is located in the city center of Las Palmas. A shopping lover should definitely have seen it.

Why Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria combines southern flair and breathtaking nature with modern infrastructure. You can expect modern, high-quality hotels and great bungalow resorts, sheer inexhaustible possibilities for activities, beautiful beaches, and first-class medical care. Holidaymakers do not have to give up anything and at the same time, they can immerse themselves in a completely new, different world.

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