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What is a Bed fan?

Bed fan basically is a cooling system by which installing in your bed helps you for better sleep. This helps can be helpful in many ways. It releases cool air under your bed sheets. You can place the bed fan where you rest your feet on your bed. It fits around the mattress using its low wattage motors. This blows a cool breeze into your bed.

Bed fan also works with a remote and can be controlled to give it a different speed of breeze. Bed fan does not cool your room like an AC, but instead, it cools down body by attaching it to your bed.

Once the bed fan is your life your nights are relaxing and sweat free. Bed fan removes all the heat production in your body and allows to sleep peacefully at nights.

Features of a Bed fan

  • Compact and can be easily fit in any corner of your bed without any discomfort to you.
  • Adjustable Height which ranges from 19″ tall to 37″ tall. As per your bed’s height you and place bed fan in your bedroom.
  • Its air duct is 12” wide and ¾” deep.
  • Its base is 6.25” tall X 7” deep and 12” wide.
  • Having a bed fan at your house is the money saver.
  • It is Energy Saver because it doesn’t consume much energy instead it save your money on electricity bill.
  • The price range of a bed fan starts from $269.99.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Bedfan has a Remote Controlling system even you can access it with your mobile phone.

However, installing a bed fan has several health benefits. It’s a lifesaver for those who are suffering from the sleepless night.


Health Benefits of the bed fan

However, Studies has shown several health benefits of sleeping cooler. Bed fan helps you to sleep comfortably and peacefully. This reduces many risks that can cause a serious trouble in the future. Let me share some of the benefits as below.

Weight loss effects

Bedfan does help in a weight loss process. Because for a weight loss, a person requires the proper body relaxation and good sleep. It is believed that a person who sleeps very less will lead to increase in weight faster and the whole day seems to remain dull, people don’t feel like to work and keep feeling sleepy. Sleeping with an installed bed fan allows you to sleep without any disturbance and good sleep every day.

Lowering the risk of metabolic diseases

Metabolic diseases including blood pressure, high blood sugar, excessive body fat, cholesterol heart disease. However, many doctors suggest that a good sleep can recover the metabolic diseases and lack of sleep can worsen the same. Installing of bed fan can majorly affect and protect for such upcoming risks.

Deeper sleep for better body restoration

Bed fan actually helps in body restoration, as normally during the sleep it recovers from muscle strains. It restores the fiber of the muscles and regains their strength that prepares us to continue daily schedules for the next day.

Uncomfortable sleeping can cause you to switch sides and can be disturbing. But with a bed fan, people can sleep deeper and relaxed. With a good sleep, your next morning is just refreshing.

Reduction of insomnia

Insomnia is basically the sleeping disorder for people who are facing difficulties to sleep at night. Some people wake up in the middle of the night due to improper sleep. This affects their body condition as they feeling very tired and sleepy on the next day due to lack of sleep. A bed fan is advisable for people who suffer from Insomnia. The best medicine for Insomnia is sound and comfortable sleep.


People in today’s world suffer from lots of depression. Depression is a very dangerous disease that even leads for some to commit a suicide. Reasons behind can be of anything from family, partners, studies, pressure, financial problems. A person who suffers from Depression usually tired mentally that even leads them to uncomfortable sleeping and can even make them insomniac.

Although bed fans help you to relax physically. You’ll have to push a little mentally as well to feel relaxed. This will lead you to sleep well and allow your mind to get some rest. It is advisable that with a proper sleeping you also require a good eating, medication, exercise to keep you chemical level balanced.

Helps to combat cancer

According to the study, it is possible that your sleep can tell you can fight the Cancer. Proper sleep can assist to balance some of your hormones that influence the cancer cells.

Cancer is the disease that not only affects the person physically but also troubles them mentally. Many people are unable to accept that they are suffering from cancer. This leads them to overstress and sleepless nights.

However,  bed fan can not treat the Cancer but it can definitely help to improve your sleeping conditions and relaxing your mind and body for the good. The more your body recovers the healing cells, it can combat with cancer cells.

No night sweats

Many people go through the sweating the whole night. With this irritating experience, it affects their sleeping.  Sweating can be caused by anything from simple weather change to some complicated diseases that include blood pressure and cancer. It also causes some skin infection or allergies and can even cause rashes.

Suffering from such conditions can be a horrifying experience. By applying bed fan in your room. It releases your part of the stress. As a cooling effect of bed fan can stop the normal body temperature from rising high. The cool breeze of this bed fans can ease your work and helps you stop sweating during your sleep time.

Reduces the chances of diabetes

Bedfan helps to increase the good fat in the body, which reduces the risk of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the metabolic diseases that increase sugar levels.

According to medical professionals, lack of sleep can affect the insulin as well as blood sugar level in the human bodies. With the effect of bedfan cooling that helps in comfortable sleeping. This helps to maintain the insulin and sugar levels in the human body that reduces the risk of getting diabetes.

Maintain your body temperature

Many women who are in their menopause are not able to sleep properly because of feeling hot in bed. In Menopause, a lot of heat is developed in their body and it is a very irritating experience for them to spend sweaty and hot nights in bed.

Installing the bedfan in the bedroom can help to maintain the body temperature that gives you cooler effects and leads to good sleep.

Stress-Free Sleep

Nowadays, in this busy lifestyle it’s hard to take care of the health and get a proper sleep every night. It always adds stress on daily basis in our mind. On top of it, if we don’t relaxes our mind, it eve goes worse.

Without proper sleep, days can be very hectic. Everyone requires peaceful sleep. Luckily with relaxing effects of bed fan allows you to sleep well and being stress free nights.


BedFan is a product that will help you with the good and healthy life. Sleep is the very important factor of human being. Therefore, it’s essential to sleep well and live a better life. Bedfan will not only help you recover from some diseases but also reduces the chances of happening the worse.  Besides, having a happy and satisfactory sleep can also prevent many mental stress. It is strong advice to spend the little and save yourself from worse.

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