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Air travel can be stressful for some passengers; whether you are travelling as part of a large group on vacation or alone for business, it is essential you are aware of the do’s, and the don’ts of air travel to ensure you make the process stress free for everyone involved.

Air travel needs planning to be done not only stress-free but also safely. The following tips will ensure not only is your journey to and from the airport as stress-free as possible it will also ensure that you have a back-up in case of any delays or emergencies.

Here are the tips before you embark your journey on Air travel


1) Do arrive on time

Timing is crucial when it comes to air travel whether it be for your check-in, boarding times or planes departure time. Five minutes out of schedule can disrupt air travel.  It can lead to airlines being fined and even flights being cancelled.

This can have a significant impact on the economic structure of the airline industry. Due to this airlines usually are pretty strict to customers and will often either beautiful you or even make you pay for a new flight also if you are just one minute late for check-in time.

2) Don’t bring anything on the banned list

Airports are known for being very strict on time as discussed above; however, they are even tighter when it comes to prohibited items. You must ensure you check in advance what these items are.

If you are caught with anything you shouldn’t have this can cause for massive delays to your journey, alongside a lot of added stress. The list of banned items will vary from airline to airline, so it is essential you check, security check-ins at airports are notoriously strict, so it is not even worth attempting to take anything from the banned list past the security checkpoint.

3) Do have cash on you

Taking money to an airport may not seem like something you will need to do. However it is vitally important you always carry some cash when you are travelling by air, not only is there a chance of cards not being accepted at less modern airports.

Delays and cancellations can lead to waits of hours before the next flight; if you have already passed security, this will mean that you will need to purchase water and food from the airport. It is essential to have the currency of both the airport you and travelling to and from as this will ensure you are not left without food for hours.

It may also be the case that you need to spend the night in a local hotel if your flight is cancelled for more than 12 hours, so having cash will be crucial if they don’t accept card payments for same day bookings.

4) Don’t over pack your bag

Airlines have limits on how heavy your luggage can be. Not only will over packing your bag lead to delays for other passengers while the problem is resolved it will often end up with you being fined or losing some of your belongings.

Checking your airline’s bag weight limit and size is crucial before you travel as luggage allowance varies vastly from different airlines. If your bag does go over the set limit, the airline can refuse to take the luggage on board or give you a fine which can be extremely expensive as this often set their value.

To avoid this fine, it may be a case you pay for extra luggage when before you fly or you can even buy essential items that may increase your luggage weight such as a towel or shower products once you reach your destination.

5) Do have airport transfers

Airport transfers are crucial to avoid being left stranded in a foreign country or to ensure you don’t have a break down on the way to an airport. In the foreign country, some companies offer a service that will take you from the airport to your chosen destination.

This not only ensure you make it to your flights on time, but it also takes away the added stress of finding transport once you land at an airport. Planning your transfers ahead of time will result in you often get the best deal as well.

On the day transfers and taxi fares are often increased, whereas a fixed quote rate can allow you to budget for your holiday in advance. It eliminates any hidden costs and will give you extra time to relax.

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